Our Primary Mission

While the rendering of art may happen in solitude, it is hardly a solitary endeavor.  We consider art to be incomplete until it is seen. This is a vital part of the creative process.  We all need a witness - to confirm, in fact, that we are alive.  Art also requires a witness in order for it to exist.  Art should not only be on display in Galleries and Museums, it wants to live within the walls of your home, adding to the story of your life.  This chapter of your story becomes your creative legacy.  Whether you are the artist or the art patron makes no difference; we all need each other.

In order for art to be rendered, the renderer needs to be nurtured. When we purchase a piece of art, we become patrons.  We become the witness and confirm the absolute need for personal expression.  We celebrate one human vision...the artist's vision.

So if you see it, and if you love it, bring it home.

In Gratitude,

Caro Kalb-Marr

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."  Pablo Picasso