The OVO journey continues in Upstate New York and the majestic and beautiful Hudson Valley.

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In the meantime, consider this:

"The real question that we need to keep in mind is how does any person's love of art affect his or her attitude towards human beings? All too often reverence for the divine Mozart or a heavenly Vermeer tends to reduce the rest of us to interchangeable extras on life's stage; unimportant and quite expendable. This is a monstrous way to regard people. It is not what you paint on a piece of canvas...but what painting on a piece of canvas can do for you. Such focused acts of attention may, for instance, develop qualities of character like self-discipline, patience and delay of immediate gratification."

What Good Are The Arts? - John Carey

and this...

"There are also art experiences that happen in the space of life, with no art objects or art actions at all. They happen as lingering or reignited reflections on artworks seen in the past and later digested...maybe much later, outside the exhibition time frame." 

Making Space For Art - Mary Jane Jacob

 Caro Kalb-Marr