AIDA JONES - Maplewood, NJ

“I love to dig into materials; plaster, metal, paper pulp, fiber and paint are all used to create texture and shape on my canvasses. I begin without any predetermined conclusions which allows for interpretation. Inspiration comes from the outside world; the aching elegance of an abandoned building chipped and rusted, the cracks, crevices and weathered marks that time leaves behind.”

Aida Jones Website

ALVIN McINTRYRE - Morristown, NJ

“My work explores themes of mythology, religion and gender. I use a wide range of mediums including (but not limited to) video, installation, photography and painting. Originally from Canada, I’ve also lived and worked in Europe.”

Alvin is currently working on a video installation (titled SIGNIFIERS) with Berlin artist, Aurora Del Rio. The first showing will take place in Berlin at Heilstatte Grabowsee on August 9-19, 2019. OVO will be hosting a showing of this project in Upstate New York in Autumn 2019 (details TBA) after it appears on Governor’s Island, NY during the 1st week of September. Stay tuned for more details…

Alvin McIntyre Website

ANNE SUSSMAN - Maplewood, NJ

“My work is autobiographical; I begin by shaping cracked, textured and torn pieces of clay that are then attached to the vessels I create. Each piece is a ‘whole’ born from the brokenness at the beginning of the process. I work in the traditional style of Japanese RAKU.”

KIMBA BAKER - Rhinebeck, NY

“As a painiter I am interested in creating a narrative through color and both abstract and recognizable imagery. I am searching for the relationship between the two. The goal…to create an experience of balance, beauty and story.”


“When working fully submerged underwater, in a studio or an exotic location, my photographic art strikes a timeless tone. I have found that my approach to the work results in imagery that transcends the medium of photography itself. Join me inside the world of each image.”

Michael David Adams Website

TERRI FRASER - Annandale, NJ

“I am working at pushing myself to find balance between abstraction and more realistic plein air landscapes. The under-paintings I create are about my thoughts of life by piecing grids and circles together. When I go outside to paint, I don’t just paint the landscape; I paint the colors I see and the feelings I have while being in the landscape.”

Terri Fraser Website

VINCENT HAWLEY - Staten Island, NY

“By using certain shapes in my body of work, I explore the transcending concept of the infinite and of time as a vessel. A vessel can be something that ferries or something that contains, resulting in time/object/space that can be manipulated. The surface can hold something such as stagnant light, energy and water (indefinitely or definitely), or tender the object along the surface throughout eternity as a proverbial Charon.”

Vincent Hawley Website


“The artistic process for me involves acquiring found steel and playing with shape. The possibilities of the sculpture slowly emerge when the various components (shape, volume, positive vs. negative, space and gravity") come together. This process is both exciting and unsettling as there is no external force or entity to direct me.”


Caro Kalb-Marr 973 715 8921