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Alvin McIntyre, from Montreal, has been honing his craft since 1985. He has lived and worked in Toronto, Berlin and Basel (Switzerland).  He came to the US in 2016 and resides in Morristown NJ.  Alvin creates out of his studio in East Orange, NJ.  He has shown in Canada and Europe in both solo and group exhibitions.  His upcoming show at OVO marks his first exhibition in the United States.  Here is his statement:

"My artistic exploration and experimentation includes (among others) the mediums of photography, painting (oil, encaustic, watercolor), graphite, collage, and video. At times I employ a single medium for a project.  However, I often synthesize many techniques, creating  a trompe l’oeil effect.  This amalgam draws the viewer into forms and objects with intimations of mythology and religious iconography.  While my work retains a quality of a familiarity, my intention is also to invoke an air of mysticism.

In my latest series, “Song of Solomon”,  there is a celebration of sensuality rarely expressed in the Catholic traditions. The jewel like element of gold and the floral representations allude to this; all the while deconstructing, literally and figuratively, the  religious scriptures chosen for inclusion."

In addition to his newest series (Song of Solomon), I  have curated pieces from earlier times in Alvin's artistic journey.  A retrospective, if you will, of a body of work that is elegant, engaging, and perceptually strong.

OVO is tremendously honored to bring ALVIN McINTYRE  to the gallery for his first US exhibition.

Caro Kalb-Marr