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Gallery Assistant


Meet Alexandra Henderson, my incedibly talented assistant.  We have been honored to have her with us and hope you will seek her out and engage in conversation during the Final Shows at OVO. 

Alexandra exemplifies the younger generation of Gallerists and Museum Professionals moving into the arena.  These are the humans you want to get to know as the present meets the future of the art world.  Here is her statement:

"An avid lover of art, art history and design, these passions have had a profound affect on my future aspirations.  Attending Seton Hall University as an undergraduate, and now graduate student in the Museum Professions M.A. program, my concentration is in Exhibition Development.  As a part of my undergraduate experiences, I worked as an intern in the development department of the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach CA, and as a researcher for the Macculloch Historical House Museum in Morristown NJ.  These positions gave me insight into the roles and responsibilities of today’s museum professionals, and helped me further define my professional goals.  Interested in learning about the gallery side of the art world,  I am currently assisting  Gallerist/Curator, Caro Kalb-Marr, with events and shows at OVO.  This has provided me with many more opportunities to grow in the field.  In the Fall of 2018, I will co-produce an exhibition at the Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University."

Welcome to the artcentric life, Alexandra.  I, for one, am so happy  you're here.

Caro Kalb-Marr